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From Jeff - Must Watch Short Videos

Grab a box of tissue, turn up the volume, press play: (6 min) Tore paid a hooker to convince Hunter to end the endless. Why The Laptop Got Left: (5 min) Russian Dossier and Daniel J. Jones: (4 min) ============ Executive Order 14067 (7 minutes) I quick scanned EO 14067 and could not confirm that CBDCs were coming on Dec 13th as the video suggests - 2023 maybe? Experimental trial runs are in progress now. Worthwhile info about what is coming down the pipe in short video clips from CA Fitts, J Rickards, R Kiyosaki, and a central banker. More info on CBDC Pilot Programs: Reference Docs: EO 14067: Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets FACT SHEET SUMMARY: ============== This long one about XRP is only must watch for crypto heads. Others should be satisfied with this - WATCH TETHER. Tether is used as "cash" to facilitate a large volume of crypto trading, that is, pay with Tether and sell for Tether on the exchanges. Tether could be getting setup for a fall and will take others down with it including the exchanges. Also, XRP is Snippy's only suggested buy. REALIST NEWS - Is Tether the next FTX on steroids?: (40 min) ============== While you are surfing today bookmark this webpage, if not for yourself, for your awakening normie friends. Top listed is "Flags of the Unity-States". Below that are many dozens of related picture-memes. Each bites off a digestible mouthful from the huge carcass of Corporate US Admiralty Law. Most everyone chokes when attempting to swallow everything in a single gulp. Normies need to chew small bites. 1871 Flag Meanings Republic Vs Democracy: Slaves NO MORE! ============== Enjoy your Turkey Day! I would really like the view from a fly on the chandelier at the Galt's Gulch dinner table tomorrow!

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