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From Jeff - Mother Hen Takes The Fox House!

The media is changing over - there's a Kennedy in the Fox House!

ICYMI: Kayleigh is Jackie's granddaughter, see attached.

=== Other News ==============

A New US Republic with capitol in Texas? The Texas Bullion Depository is already up and running. They accept deposits from out of state and out of country as well. I believe it is the only state owned depository so it could easily become our new Ft Knox.

Post is attributed to Simon Parkes but not easy to verify:

"So far there were 27 states which have agreed to join the New Republic. Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand also have asked to join. Hawaii would revert back to it’s original status as a sovereign nation – the Kingdom of Hawaii."


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From Jeff - Hit Job on "Trump".

Bits and pieces presented with minimal comments: Last week Trump stated with 100% certainty that a Domestic Terror event was coming [20 sec clip]:


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