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From Jeff - MORE (stale) Mooovie Popcorn !!!

JFKjr read a pizza poem by Monica Lewinsky on the Tonight Show in the late 1990s.  That in itself would become pretty funny as a sick inside joke later on (Pizzagate).  What went completely unnoticed until now was a stage prop in different 1990s photo/video for predictive programming 20+ years into the future.  Watch the 90 sec video for the punch line which includes "Enjoy the show".  How long ago was today planned, in detail?  Can't make this crap up!

Be ready to click rewind and pause buttons, 90 sec video:

Note that Gene Ho refers to JJ in present tense.

Another note:  A few weeks ago someone asked Gene in the comments about JJ coming back and he answered in a question (paraphrased), "Why would I be making all these videos NOW?"

Enjoy the show.  JJ told us to...

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