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From Jeff - Money Clip or Tap, Tap?

I think it was a tap on new Speaker Johnson's shoulder. No Money Clips or hauling ass for anyone still in DC. Sent earlier in "Foggy Update..."

American Patriot

When an entity breaks out something ‘good’ from the other side. It means they have already had that ‘tap’ on the shoulder. Controlled opposition. You will be seeing a lot more of this. This is how Spec Ops works. Or else. Carry on [Do the right thing, or else...]

This MIGHT have been the LEVERAGE but there is probably more:

Weird things about Johnson and Gaetz. Both "adopted" teen boys while in their 20s or early 30s and unmarried. There was no adoption paperwork, at least in Johnson's case (easy to research). Pic may be slow to load.

Remember, the WHs have plenty of dirt on most everybody at the top. They have to keep The Movie going to find and neutralize the invisible minions. Catch them in action while collecting evidence. Our entire society is SATURATED with them. They are like Stage 4 Cancers that have metastasized in thousands of locations throughout a patient's body. They ALL have to be cut out AT THE SAME TIME, somehow without killing the patient. Usually the patient is sent home with drugs to die.

There is nothing new under the sun. Friday the 13th,1307, France and The Vatican surgically removed the main tumors of The Knights Templars. The ones they missed scattered themselves around the world. After 700 years they are back with new names and organizations but the same agenda. The Templar's brought fractional reserve banking to Europe back in the day. Get them all or get them again in the future when they regroup. Here we go again...

Nothing of significance in politics is coincidence. If it happens it was planned or forced. Backstabbing is a form of currency in politics.

The greatest military operation in modern human history.

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