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From Jeff - Miscellaneous Rantings -> Early Xmas ???

Reposted countdown clock at McAfeeDMS times out this morning. What is happening...everything? Original source is QTheStormmrider so I don't thinks this is McAfee's Dead Man Switch.

It appears the decades long ramp up of truth and disclosure has brought all revelation topics front and center on the alt-media table. Is the trickle now leaking into the mainstream news about to hit critical mass and become a flood? Talk of arrests has increased. RRN reports that Guam is now set up to handle media types. Stephen Colbert is down with a medical conditions - is he really at the Guam facility?

Arrests will begin in Washington, D.C. Anons are awake. They are crying. No forgiveness. SON OF THE STORM.

Arrests has just begun in DC.

Too much leads to foreign heads of state. Clean up in progress. Pray.


Credit Suisse down. UBS going down. Bank of America Next? Banks worldwide are closing smaller branch locations. Metals are making a late month move - they usually get slammed the last couple days of the month. Early Christmas or another head fake?


X22 picked up on the MSM chatter about Trump dying (aka getting assassinated) before the 2024 primaries. Long ago JSNIP4 had a dream about Trump's plane having an accident but him not being onboard. Then a week or 2 ago Snippy crashes his own plane in a near death experience. Was it a marker for Trump's aviation event? Is Trump being set up to rise from the dead in a 2nd coming of Christ, The Son of Man?

Trump Aviation accident is drawing near. All the rhetoric about assassination:

Trump's security has increased. Scavino originally posted so I assume they are on Trump Force 1. Apparently TF1 has been upgraded to service escorts for long haul trips. Fighter in video already has an extended range external fuel tank. Interesting... Trump has a half dozen or more doubles - have we even seen the real him since 2021?


We are watching a movie - take note at 23 sec mark, 50 sec total:

How much of the southern border mess is scripted into The Movie?

Happy Saturnalia?

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