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  • Jim Costa

From Jeff - McCartney RIP 1966 - We Got Fooled Again.

But not The Who! They knew McCartney was replaced!

Maybe the most iconic Rock song ever:

Won't Get Fooled Again


And the parting on the left (Paul's hair)

Is now the parting on the right (Faul's hair)

And the beards have all grown longer overnight ...

Jay Weidner is letting it all hang out.

McCartney topic at 5:00 for about 17 min.

The Tavistock Institute psyoped our recent history and culture including the 1960s British Invasion and the rock and roll scene out of Laurel Canyon (Hollywood, LA).

How did they erase Tartaria? Magic, black magic. A magician's wand is made from the WOOD of the HOLLY tree - get it?

I feel like such an Animal (on a) Farm.

The fences are coming down!

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