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From Jeff - Massie on Baby Sitters....

Of course Congress has baby sitters, almost all are blackmailed, bribed, or extorted one way or another.  Goes for most state gumments also. Newly elected lawmakers get a visit and invite to the club shortly after taking office.  If they refuse there is little chance they get reelected.  I knew a first term US Rep that did not get reelected then died shortly after leaving office.  The control system should be obvious at this point - it's the underlying reason for masked actors in DC prior to the culmination of our GLOBAL RESET.  Sadly, the bulk of the US public has no idea.  The Great Awakening will continue progressing to The Precipice where they will change and take note. If this Global Citizen at the link gets it then everyone else should too:     [the backstory]

It should also be obvious that the secret war has VISIBLY turned a major corner.  The WHs have acted weak for years while grooming the battle field and are now on the offensive to push the Cabal into panic.  The debate showed that Big Media is now under WH control.  SCOTUS rulings are in Trump's and America's favor.  Assange is free with no gag order. Elections in Europe are rejecting the establishment.

Countless lesser known public figures are leaving the stage:

Another Royal Brit leaves the stage:

Alex Soros in a panic:

Bolivia coup d etat failed - DS power is waning.

Local and country blackouts continue world wide:

Elite assets are being seized.

I could go on but it's obvious, the tide has turned.  Enjoy the show but be ready - could get bumpy.

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