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From Jeff - Listening now. I suspect Dr. Jan will be more prevalent on the alt-news circuit after.

Listening now. I suspect Dr. Jan will be more prevalent on the alt-news circuit after dropping so many truth bombs on British TV. As a member of Trump's transition team and a DoD task force she is an insider on at least some topics. She corroborates and links together a long string of the bread crumbs the awake have known for many years. Military is the only way, only 7 people know the whole plan, WHs avoiding civil war, public education campaign, and so on - just a very short list here. Says she did not get permission to go public and admits she might get in trouble for it at some point. I think her DoD task is public relations. Get to know her in a full hour chat with Nino. Not deep but a very wide range of topics being pushed closer into view of the general public. Jan Halper enters the ring w/ Nino Rodriguez [ 1 Hr ] ======================= SCOTUS... Aug 14 - Trump mentions that SCOTUS needs to intervene. Loy Brunson reposts and comments. Aug 17 - Trump Re-Truths Loy! Start here and scroll down about 5 posts: ======================== Free Beer Tomorrow...Next Week Too! I try to ignore all the RV/GCR/NESARA/GESARA/QFS hopium. This relatively new and refreshing pro-GCR outlet is down to earth and very much anti-hopium. The Telegram channel previews longer blog articles while the main blog at Awake In 3D posts the articles: [ GCR Real-Time News If anyone has noticed, I don’t mention things like Tiers, Paymasters, taxes, trusts, funds moving, exchange centers, Iraq’s daily political or financial grind, or almost anything else Guru-related… it’s for a reason. The RV/GCR has been dramatically convoluted and, quite frankly, polluted beyond reasonable recognition over the years. It ain’t gonna play out as perpetuated in popular GCR mythology. It’s a financial event. A big one to be sure. But still, a financial event in simplistic terms. It’s not complicated beyond getting to a point where all global nations have no choice other than to adopt a new monetary system that works equally for all nations. Think about it for a minute. The collapse of the global fiat currency system will be the singular, existential event that levels the playing field, forcing a unified global cooperation between all nations. Wouldn’t that be a welcome first for human history! It’ll all be quite good. Yet - expect the unexpected. ] ====================== Trump announced a news conference for Monday 8/21 at 11 AM Eastern to present a comprehensive report on Georgia election fraud. Timing? Big BRICS meeting starts on Tuesday the next day, 8/22. Another lost or deleted post says his lawyers want to disclose in court so the conference might be cancelled. I think he will disclose in public so the courts can't put everything under a gag order. Trump said he needed one more indictment to win and he got it in GA. Win what? 2020? ======================= So much in the alt-news lately - it's burning me out. We've heard most of it before but now it's all topics at the same time. Not much new, just new to the normies and all at once now. Can they drink from the fire hose? Are we nearing the precipice? A hall of mirrors was recently mentioned where multiple copies of the same image or story appeared making it difficult to find the original. I see things differently - more like a disco mirror ball giving dozens of confusing image fragments from every direction. Add spotlights on the ball and distracting points of light spin about the room. Everything connects back to the ball - the eye in the sky. Wide ranging news topics are moving so fast the Deep State can no longer distract from them all.

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