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From Jeff - LINKS: 17-ish Precipice, Prepping, and Heads Up Posts.

"November event will be the biggest event in US history"

- Donald J. Trump

November to Remember? [12 sec]

We are at the PRECIPICE.


We are here for a reason. Patriots are in control. [10/30/23]

The world is watching.

The Great Awakening. Everything leads up to the epic climax.

You are watching a movie. White House Down.

Master C. Miller

Big escalation is coming. Stay off of airplanes. Buy supplies.


I don't consider this Punisher channel to be a 17-ish but it's very close. Six months is kinda ominous...

The Punisher

When it happens, you got six months

I repeat six months, you should have absolutely self sustainability away from any government aid, local and residential assistance

If you consider this fear mongering then you already failed, survival is entirely up to you


Bonus Heads Up Posts:

Zelensky has surrendered. Ukraine has fallen.

Israel is next.

Should the lights go out please know patriots are in control.


We are prepared and assets are in place.

Banking Reset Screenshot - Pic with text

The Financial Storm Has Arrived

----------- another 17-ish Close Cousin -------

SGAnon has suggested watching Nov 3/4 for EVENTS.

Consider the calendar at the link - maybe, maybe not.

Could it be Nov 16/17?

Gregorian calendar with Julian dates added to it.

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