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From Jeff - Light - Tunnel - End (It's a LONG Movie).

Connect the dots as you see fit. ================== Snippy on Entheos - Quick Summary: Snippy reveals that Entheos was and still is his long time insider contact. In the short term look for a JANUARY turn of events. For the conclusion (Phase 3) look deep into the tunnel to 2026, the 250th birthday after 1776 (USA250) when the lights come on and the credits roll up on this endless movie. Snippy puts controversial stuff on Rumble so go there first if you want to skip over his crypto news on YouTube. Like Q, Entheos is kinda hard to follow - they are being watched and cannot reveal anything directly (prolly the same folks). (31 min) ======== Disinfo: Lots of semi hidden messages in Trump's speech last night but little new for those who already sense stuff in the shadows. Have to agree with Kerry - Trump only pissed off the MAGA folks, that's us. Article: The secret war will continue because that's the quickest and easiest way to get things done. Q repeated MANY times that disinfo is both real and necessary. Expect more crumbs from the truther outlets - enough for a taste but not even a snack and don't even think about a meal. "Trump explains why it had to be this way - he calls this time "the pause"". (26 sec) Related aside: Clif says "This is Star Wars...GET IN THE FIGHT!" Hmmm, my shotgun isn't much use against those flying saucers and death rays! I re-watched that "Mars Attack" sci-fi comedy spoof a few weeks ago - how funny seeing all those A-list Hollywood stars getting vaporized. "It had to be this way," lots behind the scenes and off the record. Don't let Clif make you feel guilty - we can all easily join the fight. If everyone stopped using credit and took their funds out of the financial system today then their system would crash tomorrow. Use cash whenever possible, I do - Fight With Kash! ======================= Financial/Dollar Crash: Actionable crumbs and clues have typically been provided well in advance. The Miller/Ghost/Cohen channels told us to make bank withdrawals starting back in Mar 2022. (Plus evacuate 17 cities weeks/months ago.) Nothing burgers? Maybe not - at first it was get money out of banks but now it's a direct order to convert into METAL. I have to assume they are giving at least a weeks notice and more likely several weeks since even a modest nest egg can take time to convert especially when tens of thousands around the world could be moving in response to today's post: Christopher Miller Keep your money out of banks. Buy Gold and silver. The imminent collapse is coming. Older Banking Posts: For several weeks gold was bouncing around $1666 before ramping up to around $1776 the last few days. Hidden message? Was ground level at $1666? Is today's $1776 the launch pad? Crap shoot but I placed my big bets years ago and will not be joining the inevitable stampede, waiting lines, and backorders. (30 day chart) (60 day chart) ============ Bonus Links - Real Raw News has been busy the last few days:

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