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From Jeff - Lawfare Final Straw? Middle East Chaos? [Absolute Must See]

Lawfare Their Final Straw?  I don't think so.  The DS', Demonrats', and don't forget the RINOs' final straw is more CHAOS.  Playbook known - WHs are letting the public see the evil DS plans in action right in their faces while cutting off the DS means of following through with their desired end games.  We are watching a movie...

Act weak when you are strong - then crush them at the precipice.  Corsi (likely Mossad), "Donald Trump always looks like he's going to lose until just before he wins."  Link should start at the quote, then go back and watch the whole thing:

Trump repeatedly said, "We have it all".  Given the magnitude of dirt he has on everybody WORLDWIDE I have to believe that most of the drama we see in the news is scripted into our AI powered Movie.  I believe that many cornered DS rats would have already bolted to their bug outs but they can't.  They are now either doubles or on very short leashes. Trust The Plan - what other choice do we have?  Civil War?  WW3?  Q told us:

Your trust & faith in us is enough.

You elected us to do the HEAVY LIFTING.  [the real election]

Enjoy the show.  BIRTH of a NEW NATION.  NEW WORLD.  Q

On the developing Middle East Chaos:  I believe the secret part of Trump's Abraham Accords are now visibly coming into play.  In short, he is allowing the locals a Pivotal Movie Scene mostly to themselves.  The ME nations will take care of the last available Cabal bolt hole.  Iraq is allowing Iran to transport arms across their borders - who would have thought that could or would ever happen?  Will Iran get their revenge after 70+ years of Cabal interference?

BREAKING: Iranian trucks cross the border from Iraq into Syria carrying various types of weapons.

BREAKING: Donald Trump spoke recently with Saudi leader Mohammad bin Salman; unclear what the two men discussed.  (Putin and Bin Salman, 14 sec)

BREAKING: Israel says it is preparing for a direct military conflict with Iran.

B R E A K I N G A L E R T – Iran has started to attack israeli occupied Tel Aviv with heavy missiles; fires of hell are burning, several buildings destroyed


Alt-Media is firing on all cylinders on all topics so The Precipice must be approaching.  Hunker down and enjoy the show.

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