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From Jeff - JSnip4(2) - Trump re-truthing Brunson, It’s a done deal.

Entheos was a revealing insider truther long before Q hit the scene.

Entheos monitors Snippy, occasionally contacts him directly, and even links Snippy videos in his social media posts.

Conclusion - Snippy is a good guy - he's made too many correct predictions to ignore. But we always knew this...right???

It’s official. Trump re-truthing Loy Brunson‘s post. It’s a done deal. 

Entheos: Trump's breadcrumb intel is in his Re-Truths (Aug 19):

Entheos links Snippy on PEADs (Aug 9).

Presidential Emergency Action Docs

(Insurrection Act or similar).

Entheos links Snippy Again (Aug 17):

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