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From Jeff - J6 Blast From The Past plus CO Judge Arrested (RRN).

Pain and Panic in DC!  This video was posted immediately after J6 and reveals it was set up.  This repost says it was Pelosi's daughter making the video.

"ON CAMERA Paid Crisis Actor John Sullivan Confesses January 6th was a Plan to Takedown Trump

Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter Filmed The Event & Sold It To HBO

"We did it! You were right we did it! Is this not gonna be the best film you’ve ever made in your life, Hell Yeah!" ...



Pain and Panic in CO!

Marines Arrest Colorado SCJ Who Voted to Remove President Trump from State Ballot

The 10 Days of Total Chaos are playing out...


I hope this is true.  If mid-level BHs concede after their leaders go missing maybe there won't be much resistance or kinetic chaos going forward.  WHs could quickly reboot the global financial system and international trade which almost everyone depends on these days.  Think months instead of years or decades - there are many hurdles to overcome.  Trump thinks so...

By Christmas of Next Year, A Couple of Months Later…   [20 sec]

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From Jeff - Various Update Comments.

During or after the collapse of various corporate gumments their assets including buildings can be confiscated via EO 13848 or other route and then the Restored Republics will have places to meet.  If

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21 de dez. de 2023

I'm pretty sure Real Raw News is utterly fantasy, guys. Over the years I've been seeing their headlines on Rumormillnews,.. Hillary Clinton hanged at Gitmo! That one was funny!

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