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From Jeff - It's Twoo, It's Twoo! (Ch 11 for Blackrock Intl)

Remember, this is likely the largest hedge fund / holding company on the planet. Account required for full access but some history available. Ch 11 Filing: Do not expect total US collapse right away - Europe goes 1st. Euro funds run for cover in US, then a bigger bang with their bucks in the bucket. Looking like 2023. "Europe will collapse very fast next year." ----------------- Other news bites: "General Mark Milley has been informed by the Russian Defense Ministry via telephone about Ukraine's false flag nuclear bomb." "General Mark Milley is involved in the false flag operation for Ukraine." "BREAKING NEWS: If Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station in Kherson, South Russia is blown up, Crimea, Russia will be left without water supply for 10-15 years, and maybe FOREVER. Kakhovskaya power station has been the target of many Ukrainian strikes." Comment - If it's not one thing, it's another - Watch the Water. "JUST IN: New York Supreme Court Reinstates Employees Fired For Being Unvaxxed. According to the order, the petitioners are also entitled to “back pay in salary from the date of termination.” This is a huge victory against the Cov-IDIOTS!" This McAfee channel is posting pics of public figures that appear to be from personal "Island Collections". Are they previews from a (DMS) Dead Man Switch? This one is interesting - 2 dead people that didn't kill themselves both in Galt's Gulch at the same time!? What are the odds of that, one in 200 quadrillion? ------------- p.s. @Jim: Thanks for the recent video recaps - saved time on a couple vacays. Prior to Sep 24 we went on a short last chance holiday to the Atlantic coast. Then nothing burger. Prior to Oct 24 we went on another last chancer to your stomping grounds - Historic Pensacola & Interstate Fair. Nothing burger again. But, the movie is definitely warming up as the weather cools down. Ahhh, we beat the heat once more. I'm ready to put some money on something big before the next 24th but then who isn't? p.s. @Duggan: Armstrong may be more accurate on the economic and financial front but the Jackass reports chatter from the fringe and is much more entertaining, at least most of the time. Willie's limited nuke war scenario from 10 years ago is now playing out on the global stage.

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