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From Jeff - Is Trump A Fool? Or... he still in Antarctica? Folks, Q gave us a rough outline, very rough, and told us Trump would be safe on AF1, under Cheyenne Mt, or whatever. Castlerock - The King steps aside. I recently sent a mosaic of 6 mostly convincing Trump doubles - it should still be around. Trump was and is friendly with both Nixon and JFKjr - don't you think he knows exactly what evil the DS and Bush-Clinton clan are capable of?

Christopher Miller

Did you know Trump recently visited Antarctica?

Ezra A. Cohen

They want Trump's DNA.


Trump body double in play now.

Melania likely knows all about 187 as well.

Remember to let things simmer sometimes...

Doesn't Trump always win?


Remember 17 cities 1 event? It's being linked to the possible staged alien invasion:

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