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From Jeff - Interesting 17-ish Comms (Brandon 187'd), Etc.

John F. Kennedy Jr.:

James Wood - Jim Carrey - JFK Jr.

3 actors

Christopher Miller:

Joe Biden's body double is in Ukraine.

Joe Biden's actor with a mask is in the White House.

Ezra A. Cohen:

Biden body double has been killed in Ukraine.

The General:

JUST IN: Biden stumbled and fell forward while going up the main stairs of Air Force One departing Warsaw, Poland.

My Comment: Remember, after Brandon's 2021 inauguration he tripped on one of his first boardings of AF1 - a signal that he was a WH replacement when combined with Trump's coded clues.

Christopher Miller:

We are making final preparations for a global war the likes of which history has never seen before.

My Comment: Never seen in history - that greatly narrows the options.

Alien Invasion, Cyber Shutdown, or ???

Birds acting strange in Mexico - quake imminent?


Other Stuff


Comments on 17 Cities, one Event:

The common disaster event across the nation seems to be contamination of air, land, and water across large areas. WATCH THE WATER. Last year there were multiple WH agendas to get people buying water filters, drugs, and supplements. Peeps connecting the dots should already have these on-hand. One of the contamination agenda sideshows is the rollout of the new biometric MyID medical app. Like the vax, most will eagerly sign up. Others will wake up.

“MyID is a program that helps first responders aid victims more effectively and efficiently,”


I hope Okeefe is safe and sound in Galt's Gulch.


The hacking of various 17-ish Telegram channels may have been addressed. There were several posts made about Paul Durov, the founder of Telegram, that were quickly edited or deleted. This one still exists:

John F. Kennedy Jr.:

Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.

"John F. Kennedy"

President Putin was right about @durov"

A now deleted hsretoucher17 post said this:

"Alert! U.S. Army executed Paul Durov, Founder of Telegram

Mission Complete!"

The main 17-ish channels on Telegram seem to be back to normal but are now labeled "FAKE" which could be considered a badge of honor for those over the target.

Jim's Response: "I hope Okeefe is safe and sound in Galt's Gulch. "

I love it!!! Right On.

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