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From Jeff - Information Dark Ages, The Flip Side...

We are now in the Golden Age of Information.  Never before in the last several thousand years have common people had multi-terabytes of information from around the globe in almost any current language available at the click of a mouse .  Good info, bad info, advertisements, whatever.  Info coming out of goobermints and the med system may be part of The Matrix control agenda but critical minds can always click elsewhere for alternative truths.  Only the cutting edge researchers have to hop on planes to visit far away libraries and archeological sites for obscure esoteric data, but if we lose this Great Awakening...then what?

Q-Post 932:

The creation of the internet and ‘connecting’ platforms is bringing about their downfall.  FAILURE TO CONTROL.  MSM is dead.


Clif says Self Correcting AI is great and AI is stupid in almost the same breath.  I don't think he has thought this topic through.  What happens when stupid humans let AI take control of complex systems, something goes wrong, and CTRL-ALT-DEL doesn't work?

What happens when humans fix the stupid things about AI?  What happens when humans connect all the specialized AI systems together?  Complex AI can become or appear smarter than humans.

Simple AI is nothing to worry about.  But what happens when a stupid human psychopath lets complex AI control of deadly important stuff? 2001, A Space Odyssey?  War Games?  Brainstorm?  Robocop?  Terminator? China's social credit system?  They always tell us in advance. Remember, the DS Military Industrial Complex has tech 50 to 100 years or more ahead of what is disclosed to the public.

Simple Real World Example:  A neighbor replaced a simple part on his fancy new truck.  It threw the entire vehicle out of calibration and it would only run in an annoying reduced performance mode.  After digging through the online manuals (Golden Info Age) he read that it could take up to 72 hours for the system to self calibrate and return to normal operation.  WTF!

Jim's Response: Great thoughts Jeff. It took the West 900 years to pull out of the first Dark Age. Perhaps it will take us less than nine years to pull out of ours. I have great hope that we, as a species, will do this and evolve beyond our wildest imagination.

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