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From Jeff - In April, Will Fools Come Out Of The Closet ???

"All the world's a stage" [Shakespeare] and we are the extras in this grand movie - the biggest and most complex military operation in all of modern human history. I've been wondering since the first Brandon double appeared for the Election 2020 debates how the use of hi-tech masks would be unwound to the public. A Killary double was on stage for an Election 2016 debate as well. Now we have a couple new clues but won't really know until it's over - this scenario is all speculation on my part and could play out over several months or years. Christopher Miller Trump body double will be arrested. Real Trump will be surrounded by Patriots. Deception works both ways. Enjoy the show. Manhattan D.A. Bragg Wants Trump’s DNA So, Trump resists at first but then offers his DNA in return for the same DNA-ID for others, like Brandon and Putin. Tit for Tat could take months. The DNA dominoes fall and with it the Castlerock house of cards that is DC, UK, and Europe. RRN suggested that 30% of Congress at the last SOTU were doubles or clones. APRIL FOOLS! All that DNA testing starts a snowball rolling downhill and eventually it quickly grows into a D5 Avalanche that buries the DS-Illuminati. Hundreds of years of textbook history is flushed down the commode and we, the victors, begin writing a more correct version... Eventually Barron Trump is tested - he's not biologically from Melania? Melania is a Romanov? Barron's bio Mom is a Spencer? Diana? Obama is Angela Hitler's nephew? The Windsor's are German-Austrian? Who are the Kennedys? And on, and on, and on. Eventually the dust settles and the missing dead and disappeared return from Galt's Gulch. Benevolent royal connections come out of the closet to reunite the world in peace and light. Ho We Quap, what a movie! But first, we must endure The Storm...

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