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From Jeff - Hundredth British Monkey...

Quite an interesting 100th monkey story and very similar to our current situation. The researchers seeded the monkeys with dirt on treats. Likewise, Q seeded the Anons (formerly Autists) with dirt on tyrants. This greatly accelerated The Great Awakening which was already in progress but at a painfully slow rate. Unfortunately this time the dirt won't easily rinse off; the tyrants gotta go.

When it comes to the 60s Hippie movement it was The Tavistock Institute seeding youth culture with the British Invasion on top of American Rockabilly. The Beatles were the good guys while the Stones played the bad guys. Play both sides - divide and conquer. Laurel Canyon was the US command center with the secret Lookout Mountain Air Force Station in the Hollywood Hills likely providing MKULTRA and MONARCH "services" to leading film and music celebrities (like Norma Jean aka Marilyn Monroe).

Rock history fans - don't miss this 3 minute video on the British Invasion (plus another 3 minutes of hidden history in architecture). And keep in mind that the dead McCartney was replaced by a double just like Brandon is doing today. THE GREATEST STORY - Part 46 - British Invasion:

I wouldn't discount the impact or source of the 60s Hippie movement - it didn't just happen by accident. It was a highly engineered cultural revolution that shaped our global society of today and continues to do so with rap, hip-hop, and bad girl pop-rock stars. Black Magic and The Hegelian Dialectic. Cause the Problem, control the Reaction, provide the Solution. It's been guiding humanity for hundreds and maybe thousands of years. There are no coincidences when the Illuminati are pulling strings. Q told us our scenario is bigger than we can imagine.

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