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From Jeff - How Does Sound Money Come Back?

I wonder a lot about the mechanisms that will be used to unwind all the fakeness in our movie world. Will the Petro-Dollar be crashed or coaxed into a transition? Crash means chaos so I am leaning toward transition as the Cabal desperately desires chaos.

Zero Hedge posted a piece from Zoltan Pozsar about gold soaring. It's behind a paywall so it must be good, "Gold To Soar, Crush Western Banks When Putin Unveils Petrogold": (skip unless you have ZH account)

I don't have a ZH premium account so I am relying on George Gammon to report on Zoltan Pozsar's account of Russian Petrogold. In short he says Russia may peg oil at one gram gold per barrel with an initial 50% off trial discount of 2 barrels per gram (like cable TV signup offers). Western corporate marketing tactics used against the cabal! (Gammon apparently makes a mistake between 28gm regular ounces and 31gm Troy ounces to calculate $3400/oz versus $3600 by Pozar.) Gammon was one of the very first financial journalists to explain the details of The Great Reset directly from WEF documents. A must see for gold bugs.

Zoltan Pozsar Says Gold Going To $3600 (You Won't Believe Why):

Gammon mentions the refilling of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. I believe it was allowed to be drained and sold off so the rogue Brandon military could not use it to fuel a widespread kinetic WW3.


SGAnon says his source corroborates the Mil on Mil combat clash. I thought he was getting cut off from intel? Seems like PG was the one that got cut off - he's been a bit quiet for weeks.

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