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  • Jim Costa

From Jeff - Heads Up... (News Bite String).

These seem related...

"False Flag Warning."

Oct 24 at 12:30

"Russia has notified the United States of the start of a nuclear deterrent exercise on October 26, which will include launches of ballistic and cruise missiles capable of carrying a nuclear warhead."

Oct 25 at 13:14

DEFCON3 [pic]

"17 cities. 1 Event." ( see reference below )

Oct 25 at 20:57

"Air Force Readiness: 15 Minutes to Mobilization."

Oct 25 at 21:04

Boots on the Ground - 101st Airborne Deployed to Ukraine:

Is Red October finally here?


17 Cities Reference Post from Sep 7:

"Evacuate From These Cities..."

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