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From Jeff - Gov Kemp Signs Law...and...The Choice To Know...

Fly higher until the bigger picture comes into view.

Looks like Gov Kemp and the GA Congress are taking down Fani and friends.  Was it really Kemp?  Kemp is on the Gitmo list.  I have to assume his double is a WH if he is helping take down Fani.  If not, enjoy the shitshow.

Same situation for Florida.  DeSantis got an exclusive (single) execution announcement on Telegram that was quickly deleted.  He has been replaced with a height challenged actor that requires boot boosters.  Trump gave him the RIP treatment during a rally speech.  New DeSantis is anti-woke.

Same situation for Arizona.  Katie Hobbs wore the boot for a while before getting a Red X on Telegram and eventually a Gitmo report from RRN.  Kari Lake got an invite to Mar A Lago.  I assume Kari was told to forget her stolen Gov election and move on to a Senate campaign.  Things now seem to be moving in AZ.  Thus far I don't see any backlash from fake Hobbs.  Do ya think someone in THE SHADOWS might have Michelle Klann's back?

Be sure to read the channel's bio.

Similar but different situation in California.  Gov Newsome disappeared for 2 weeks during Covid and then showed up at Gitmo according to RRN. His first double was crap and obvious - likely an emergency DS replacement.  The current double is a spittin image and possibly 100% CGI according to Fulford.  The woke agenda in CA is continuing so the double is likely DS or maybe the WHs are not yet ready to shift the narrative in CA.

Texas situation is definitely different.  RINO Gov Abbott goes out of state and the temporary Gov immediately takes control of the Tex-Mex border using the State/National Guard.  No public backlash.

Enough examples - are you seeing double yet?  Let's move on and review Simon Parkes and the bigger picture.

After the fake inauguration in 2021 Simon said that Trump would serve 3 terms.  Trump would be allowed an extra since his 2nd term was so effed up.  After a while Simon got frustrated with the backstage narratives and told us he had signed his last NDA - he faded out of the public truther scene.

Simon recently returned, hosted by Kerry Cassidy.  He reminded us that the disappeared elite cut a deal to have their legacies protected.  They stepped aside quietly to receive a "Rommel Death".  He quit the truther scene because he wasn't going to lie for the WH narrative.  He did not want to see the trials and executions behind a curtain - he wanted the removals to be public.

Gotta drop this link but it barely fits into this conversation.  Might have something to do with an apple in a pear tree...

Simon continued by telling us the US public may now be convinced of all the political corruption but very few have a clue what the hell is really going on.  I have to agree, in 15 years I have only had 1 face to face conversation on an even keel.  Most think I am insane.  Maybe I am.

Simon doesn't think the public will be told deeper truths for a very long time.  Again I agree.  How would all the good guy lies and deception be justified to the ignorant masses that cannot or will not WAKE UP?  How do you explain fake politicians voting and signing bills into the law books?  Many truths would put WH operators and their families in jeopardy.  Potentially some secrets may NEVER be unwound. History is being rewritten in real time but truths are being leaked to satisfy the curious awake like us.  On some topics we will never be able to say, "I Told You So," in our lifetimes.  Consider the consequences.

"The CHOICE TO KNOW will be yours."

Meanwhile Kerry says it's no secret that some are trying to push her aside but she is not naming names.  I know, we know.  It's common sense to follow those who are being attacked for being over the target.  Who was being attacked by the Blue Chicken Cult?  When those attacks stopped who became the attacker?  Who negotiates their business NDAs when the really serious NDAs are non-negotiable?  Who tells us not to be afraid of AI, it's just code, when the world is on the brink of a nuclear WW3 managed by AI?  There is everything in the world to be afraid of when AI is let loose but AI is now necessary to break The Matrix.  Connect the dots.

Note that another influencer was also released from Blue Chicken lawfare, also tells us not to be afraid of AI, and also attacks Kerry's lack of knowledge about TRADITIONAL AI.  Coincidence?  There are no coincidences in politics.  I still like this guy, he limits his bashing.  Gotta survive while The Matrix is still running.

Kerry also said she has lots of protection.  Someone or something is looking after her.  Whenever she was about to go broke someone sent a big check.  When YouTube cancelled her main account she lost maybe 800 interviews with SSP type whistleblowers and disinfo agents.  Somehow those videos mysteriously showed up on an Odysee channel with her name on it.  Guardian Angel?  Someone definitely has her back.  Someone in THE SHADOWS with almost unlimited bandwidth and storage.

All roads may lead to Rome, but from there, if invited, you log into AI, Antarctica Intelligence.  Humanity is not ready.  The experience gave Buzz Aldrin a heart attack.


p.s. Much of the world will wake up to ISO 20022 banking Monday morning but not us.  The US is scheduled for 2025.  If you buy crypto try to make it ISO 20022.  Non ISO 20022 coins will likely become Shitcoin if they are not already.

The Federal Reserve has been closed for about three years and hasn't printed any new currency since at least 2019.

I recently wrote that we'd likely have an election of some sort this fall - maybe it will be in a New Nation.  "BREAKING: President Donald Trump stated at a campaign event today, "I’m not sure that you’ll ever have another election in this country." "

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