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From Jeff - Gotta Hammer?

I need a little help fitting this piece into the puzzle: ( Ward + Flynn pic )

Actually it makes sense but my first thought was WTF! A few weeks or months ago Charlie's gang had a meeting/conference in London(?) and I believe Flynn was a VIP guest which gives the group some credibility. Don't quote me on any of this. Charlie is pushing Ripple/XRP (and metals).

My quickie crypto knowledge dump. I only follow cryptos from a long distance so take it or leave it - I am nowhere near an expert. Central banks are developing (assumed fake) gold backed Central Bank Digital Currencies or CBDCs. Not necessarily cryptos, just digital, like the dollar today but no paper notes. Rumor is XRP might be used primarily between central banks, like a new SWIFT but for CBDCs. I believe XRP is difficult to source and buy. Ripple/XRP is in a lawsuit with the SEC which should be coming to an end soon. XRP could potentially be very important, at least in the beginning wave. Many financial types believe the CBDCs will fail if/when the gold can't be proven.

Continuing. After years of courtroom drama the legal strings on Reggie Middleton's patent for Peer to Peer digital transactions have been released. Most cryptos and digital currencies will likely need a license from Reggie if they want to survive. There is also push for crypto regulations and standards, like ISO20022. Standards would allow upper layer management to pull decentralized cryptos together into a QFS (a la Whiplash347).

Conclusion - most cryptos are likely going bye bye eventually. Cryptoheads beware.

Utsava has a new info video. Click thru the first few minutes. She covers a variety of topics including XRP and Trump. She thinks Trump may have been shot, killed, and revived - that would explain various articles and posts saying the White Hats might be replacing Trump. Plot Twist? 26 min.

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