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From Jeff - Got My Wish?

I should be careful what I wish for. I mentioned a new movie and got one - The Trump Indictment. We can't watch 2 movies in the main theater at once so I guess we are being forced to watch the new one - a distraction from the real storm.

Don't forget that we've been told by both Q and 17-ish Telegram channels that Trump would be (and is) secured safely out of the way. [ pic is not dated ]

Trump has multiple doubles plus CGI/photoshops that can publicly document his arrest. Here's some predictive programming and a spoiler alert rolled into one.

I suppose the original countdown clock was pointing at Mar 30 for the Trump indictment sideshow while the static countdowns by Dead McAfee are pointing at the weekend of Mar 31 to help keep our radar beams on The Eye of The Storm.


In other news, it looks like Adm. Rodgers will be back on stage pretty soon. He's the one that warned Trump early on and outside of official channels that his NYC office was bugged as part of Russiagate. Former NSA Director and Cdr US Cyber Command.

The Ghost has arrived.



Some recent QFS videos have addressed 2 of my concerns with the QFS as previously advertised. First is that CBDCs have been disconnected, whatever that means. Second is that working peeps must keep their jobs to receive NESARA reparations so no excessive employee walkouts. We still need to hear how new asset backed QFS currencies can be exchanged back and forth with physical specie. If you can't touch and save physical money then QFS might as well be a trust based fiat scam. I remain skeptical of the QFS but whatever new system succeeds, scam or not, it will likely work long enough to last the rest of my lifetime. An early system failure would likely be a factor in an early end to my lifetime - a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Graham Hodsdon - I'm looking for his bio - is he significant or just another NESARA blogger?

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