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From Jeff - Gold Hovering Around $1666 ???

Kitco spot gold closed at $1666 on Oct 11 and the it seems to snap right back after drifting around. Current bid is at or near $1666 this morning of Oct 17. Is the gold cartel making a statement or perhaps signaling their members?

Kitco's main "livegold" and "livesilver" spot charts have been glitchy for about a week and often flash back to old charts if I set my IP to a particular city using a VPN. The charts display normally if I move my IP to another city or country. If your Kitco access is normal "they" are likely spoofing me on an individual basis. I would have limited web surfing without a VPN.

Bix says the US Mint is stockpiling millions of ASEs every month. I wonder if the stored ASEs have the same 1 Dollar denomination? Joe Snippy (JSNIP4) dreamed about silver in the low single digits and that is where silver has to be if ASEs are going to circulate as future money and currency post fiat and RV without value conversions at the checkout register.

All roads lead to Rome because we are Rome. Home is just around the corner but it's a bumpy road.

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