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From Jeff: Godlewski's Current Events, QFS Commentary. [Excellent]

Godlewski's "Current Events" [ 90 min ]

Truthers should be going on vacation for a few days or weeks. If they keep it up then maybe they are not really truthers. I'm guessing he means the types of people claiming to have NDAs. I'll be keeping my eyes and ears on a few specific people for sure.

Expect confusion soon with conflicting news coming out from all angles. IMO, Clif is certainly doing his part - maybe all the alt-media infighting is planned chaos. One 17-ish channel recently posted that Dr. Oz was a Whitehat while another posted that Trump had to defeat Dr. Oz.

I was going to write more but someone already wrote a VERY comprehensive summary posted as 4 pages of graphic text:


------------- QFS Commentary ----------

A QFS, as described at , is a total scam. Lets hope this is a distraction and something better is coming our way. Note that this site is asking for donations. If this is the real QFS then I have to agree with Clif - it's crap.

"Keep in mind that this (QFS) is the only legally valid currency in the entire world. The only game in town." Pretty bold statement with no backup references. Whoever controls THIS form of QFS would indeed control the world. Sounds like the Cabal talk to me.

"With a new gold-backed “real money” system that cannot be manipulated, we will have a stabilized financial system that works for all of mankind internationally and maybe even Galactically." Sounds like the ultimate goal is galactic takeover.

"Be really careful if you hold gold as a hedge against inflation because without the element of “gold as money,” the demand for gold will go down and the market price for gold will once again be a factor of supply and demand." Here they are saying that only THEIR gold in THEIR system can back QFS currency so gold in your hand is NOT money, just a commodity. There is no longer any mention of silver, it was removed from earlier QFS descriptions. Note that the Cabal is very short of silver, just ask Bix. And don't forget, the constitution for the US says that debts MUST be paid in gold or silver. Does NESARA do away with the constitution?

Use your brains folks. Jeff

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