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From Jeff: Godlewski Revealed???

Godlewski told us in his recent "Current Events" video that he and others in his group would be revealing themselves soon. He names some others by screen names but I can't recall them. This post is also important:

"In my last Live, I warned you all that the actual "truthers" will reveal themselves very soon. What channels have mentioned my name recently, in a positive light? What channels have recently doubled-down on the insults, defamation, and lies about me?"

The morning of May 23 at 07:13 Godlewski posted a pic of a large white board with writing and scribble similar to a police crime investigation. It was captioned, "I spy, with my little eye...".

The next day just after midnight, May 24 at 00:30, Ezra A. Cohen posts a picture of Flynn, Wood, and Lindell standing in front of that same white board.

Godlewski posted "347" which I believe is a reference to Whiplash347.

Whiplash347 posted a V for Vendetta video clip of dominoes falling that was provided by "Phil" which is Godlewski's first name.

"Forwarded from Amanda (to Phil's channel)

So the Snowden movie has a very quick cameo of Phil with blonde hair. Two witnesses on this chat confirm seeing it. Just sayin..."

Gobbledygook posts often appear on the Godlewski 2.0 channel - very similar to the coded Q posts directed at White Hat field operators. The messages are deleted fairly quickly.

MY Conclusion: Godlewski and his associates are connected to the fringe edges of Team Q. By extension and association, most of the 17-ish channels are likely Q connected as well. This includes and some others that do not have a 17 or Q in their URL or screen name.

We may be in for a V for Vendetta event at some time in the future. Whiplash347 has posted and reposted for over a year that 34 buildings around the world are targeted for destruction soon after the public release of the Queen going down. There is a lot more floating around on this topic and it deserves a "Ho We Quap!". Oh, the possibilities...

The pyramid just might be the #1 occult symbol on the planet. Is this one a target or beam source? Imagine the possibilities...

I like a lot of Clif's work but his mud slinging needs to stop. Is he compromised? Disinfo? How did his web bot miss the radio silence amongst those with NDAs?


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