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From Jeff - GITMO Movie Cognitive Dissonance.

A few weeks ago Shadow of Ezra posted a list of 50 very public figures with GITMO connections.  Doesn't say if they were executed, are current residents, or have confirmed reservations.  I consider Shadow of Ezra to be a 17-ish channel, one of several outlets dropping crumbs to Q followers.  I trust it more than the popular hopium channels, but as always, decide for yourself.

A few names caught my attention as they've recently been on stage:

12. Huma Abedin

24. Lloyd Austin

27. Alexander Soros

49. Nikki Haley

50. Brian Kemp


If Huma is at Gitmo, what's the real story about her dating Alex Soros, George's son?  Didn't Alex just threaten 47 with a bullet hole pic? Wouldn't Alex know Huma was a double?  But wait, Alex is a double too? Front running Frazzledrip?  Haven't a clue on the purpose of this one!   [Huma is dating Alex Soros]   [Q-Post 1360: Welcome Back Huma]      [Bullet hole & 6 bills totaling $47, some are those Silver Certificates that got JFK in trouble]

Perhaps the RRN story about Lloyd Austin being killed in Ukraine is cover for his witness protection status.  There are several anomalies in RRN stories.  I only expect about 80% truth from any good source. Whatever, he's a double now.


Apparently Haley, Kemp, and DeSantis (gone but not on the list) are actively helping with Trump's 2024 campaign from the flip side.


Enjoy the show if you can figure it out!

e: Q-Post 1360:

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