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From Jeff - Galt's Gulch Must Be Busy.

The overall housing market may be tanking but business must be booming at Galt's Gulch with so many public figures being written out of the script and exiting the world stage. They gotta be moving somewhere...

The John Galt scenario was the first theory that came to mind after viewing Abe shooting videos. The simple, minimal security setup for a public speech by a former world leader didn't look realistic. It was more like a Brandon rally.

DTA - Don't Trust Anybody. It's a movie. The closer we get to the end the easier it is to connect the dots. Leaders, real or masked, are rapidly going down like dominoes. Brandon may get hit by SCOTUS election ruling, Amendment 25, bicycle crash, or too much ice cream. A25 easily drops into the existing script/narrative but who knows, there might be a plot twist. "Intel" can be scripted to clarify or maintain the muddy water. Q is/was a successful psyop - enough truth to awaken with enough disinfo to make it non-actionable (The Art of War).

Revisit Snippy, June 30, 2022: JSnip4's source told him that the Pelosi stuff is not what it seems - we win. Snippy implies that she may be on the verge of taking the WH. Could it be O'Savin's gut punch, Q's scare event, precipice, etc.

Update - Entheos Shines posted "Nancy Pelosi Is Dying..."

Note that Pillosi is a mask - archived from March 2021:

"Real Nancy Pelosi isn’t alive."

Also, can't believe I missed this one from Jan 13, 2021:

GhostEzra- "There's a Juan O Savin video going around implying that Biden will be sworn in and to take a deep breath. It's either disinformation on purpose, or the guy has lost his marbles. By the way, he's not Jr. in case you thought he was, but Jr. is alive."

GhostEzra was correct - Disinfo on purpose because Brandon was sworn in, not Biden. O Savin not Jr? Hmmm...Fusca? DTA.

Enjoy the cliff hanger. Stock up on popcorn, maybe a couple years worth. The elite have deceived us for thousands of years and they won't likely stop anytime soon, White Hats or Black. At least more are waking and know they are lying as the picture slowly comes into focus.

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