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From Jeff - Fulford Update and Miscellaneous Rants.

A comment was left under the post about Fulford cutting his blurb at "the collapse of..." where it was suggested that the entity might be Evergrande.  The commenter appears to have access to the full Fulford report:

"...Barclay’s Bank.” This will lead to a “Tuesday Lehman event,” according to MI6."

Well, Tuesday passed and Barclays has not yet caused a Lehman event. The Evergrande situation has been around for years and has partially been priced into the market already so no market spike or dump.  Asset prices will respond as actual liquidation events go public.


AZ Gov Katie Hobbs got the boot in Jan 2023(?).  RRN reported she was at GITMO in Oct 2023 and later hanged.  The DS had plenty of time to get a double prepped on hot standby.  When real Hobbs disappeared acting AZ governor skipped over the AG who was out of state and went to the Treasurer for a day while the pseudo Hobbs was installed.

Related.  Kari Lake was invited to MarALago a while back.  I think she was told to step back from the Hobbs election steal and to instead run for Senator.  This prolly included instructions on how to record the attempted bribery that the WHs likely knew would be forthcoming.


TX Gov Abbott (RINO) was reportedly in India during the border crisis start up.  Lt Gov Patrick was actually running the show in Abbott's absence.  I'm wondering how much of this border scenario was scripted and if the real Abbott is returning or being replaced.


QFS Subsystem Booting Up ???

On Jan 29 the first cross border CBDC transfer was made between UAE and China via mBridge (multiple CBDC Bridge Project) that bypasses SWIFT. This is still part of the BIS central banking system but it's a start.

Whiplash347 has mentioned mBridge several times over the years.  The large and detailed QFS block diagrams featured on his channel include many "Bridge" blocks to exchange and transfer various digital currencies across borders without SWIFT.


Finance and Liberty Hosts Andy Schectman - several topics:

Lots of billionaires are selling lots of stocks - what do they know?

Andy was invited to the family home of a billionaire grocery magnate. He was surprised to find that they knew little about bank bail-ins and the actual state of our crumbling financial system.

Andy reminds us that the LBMA was purchased by China.  China is attempting global takeover of the metal commodities.

Andy mentions the first use of mBridge, see above - it's real.

It's quiet in the financial news - Calm Before The Storm...

The Fed's money supply has increased every year over the last 50 years until the last couple years - it is now shrinking.  Can you say squeeze!

What Do These Billionaire CEOs See Coming? | Andy Schectman


Snippy (JSNIP4) says Clif told him he showed up in his web bot data. Snippy is going to be famous and will not be able to walk around without paparazzi.  Snippy has dreams about Trump being on crashing aircraft and thinks his reports have made it to Trump - could possibly save his life.  Snippy bought 2 wigs but will prolly rely on hats and sunglasses.

Snippy's most recent "Live With Woo-Woo Dude" is pretty good for those interested in psychic woo.


Distractions.  I think all the commotion in various news channels is distracting from the disappearance of mid-level public figures.  They seem to be dropping right and left.  The simple Telegram search function is kinda lame but is still convenient.  Results from these are mostly from the last couple days or weeks - there's lots and some may overlap.

700,000 sealed indictments?  Last I remember reading there were about 500,000 last year.  I think Team Trump is going after every last swamp critter that matters.  Can't have them reorganizing anytime soon.  At my initial awakening I had no idea that governing bodies were saturated with them down to the local level.


A couple weeks ago there were some fringe reports of a US warship (Aegis Destroyer ?) being either sunk or very heavily damaged (DIW) in the Red Sea.  I think J Willie mentioned this more recently as well.  I got a strong feeling the reports were true when I saw this cryptic post on Jan 11 in almost real time:

"The Punisher - Well this just turned into one of the worst days of my life.  I have no idea what’s going to happen, all I ask is for prayers.

God bless you all."

Jan 12 - RRN reports on the UK and US staging a large bombing run on Yemen, likely in retaliation for the above.

The RRN report suggests there may still be splits in the military.  At the Texas border ARMY tanks are reportedly arriving in addition to National Guard tanks.  Interesting...who ordered ARMY tanks if the military is still split?

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