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  • Jim Costa

From Jeff - Fulford and Real Raw News.

Fulford recently wrote about Real Raw News. Says he contacted JAG in DC to ask about RRN credibility. Why would he contact US Inc in DC? What kind of answer did he expect from US Inc? The DC JAG referred him to US Inc Fact Checkers as would be expected. Let the masses think critically...

Like many others I have discernment issues with RRN but they generally pass my sniff test for war news which always contains some disinfo (its a psywar after all). There are too many instances where RRN reports a high profile arrest or execution and then a double/clone appears on stage. Sometimes the double has little resemblance to the original, like Birx #2. A bad double is either an emergency BH replacement or the WHs are explicitly telling us they won a skirmish and change of script. Birx #3 is also a poor match even after plenty of time to make a good mask.

Q told us the choice to know would be ours.

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