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  • Jim Costa

From Jeff - Friday?

I typically don't trust exact dates but this SGAnon post is interesting.

"Elon buys Twitter (deal closes 10/28/2022).

Walks into Twitter HQ with a kitchen sink.

"Let that sink in"-Q

"Look to Twitter, exactly this ..."-Q

Much more than hidden messages going on, anons

BTW - the crash of '29 was on 10/28/29."

Scroll up/down for more notable posts.

Note: The SGAnon Telegram channel is "fake". He told us in a Rumble audio post that he is on Truth Social and somebody else, likely the 17-ish Team, was reposting him on Telegram WITH HIS APPROVAL. A lot like Godlewski 2.0 on Telegram. Godlewski told us that many times it wasn't him talking to us.

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