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From Jeff - Foggy Update - End in Sight?

Add these Telegram links to the list posted earlier in, "The Fog of War = Pea Brain". The end is in sight, but it's still a long shot getting over the hump. Sat, 18th, is..."Remember, remember the 5th of November" when subtracting the 13-day Julian calendar conversion, that is, if we don't have to wait till 2024 (or later). [Tick tock ending] [Do the right thing, or else...] (LEVERAGE ??? see below) [No aid in funding bill] [Feds failed - try statewise] [Bring 'em back, gonna need 'em] Looks like East Med will duke it out mostly by themselves in the topside public realm. US fleet will help prevent others from entering by sea. Similar for Ukraine. Ammunition and resources will run out. Squeeze warfare. Then Israel will be divied up like play-dough. -------------------- LEVERAGE ??? Weird things about Johnson and Gaetz. Both "adopted" teen boys while in their 20s or early 30s and unmarried. -------------------- Silver Bug Bonus: ICYMI, the US Debt Clock recently added a Secret Window popup with currency messages - click upper right corner. Messages change often so screenshot attached. This one has vague visuals of Project Looking Glass. Prices going back to the 1950s? If precious metals are going to be used in circulation the buying power of coins must be set and managed slightly HIGHER than the commodity melt value or they will do just that - melt into commodities (or get hoarded).

[Note from Jim: The clock is showing Silver at $0 per ounce when you click on the above link.]

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