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From Jeff - Fly Higher Comments.

On the Thought Experiments - Woo-woo predictions/premonitions have proven themselves to be disconnected from hard schedules - time is mostly irrelevant in the woo.  Emergencies are predicated on time. Discussion ends.  Woo-woo does not belong in courts of law, common or otherwise.  If allowed The Woo-Woo Defense would instantly become universal in all cases.

On the tax topic - Lets review some initial points - boundaries.  I stated my thought experiments were NOT woo and I most definitely asked, "Who's got your back?".

If a Tax Service produces paperwork that says you owe no taxes then it is impossible to NOT PAY your taxes if there are none.  If the Service reduces your taxes and you pay them then you are still paying your taxes.  If you, the human, put all your assets into a trust then you have no assets to be taxed.

If you use a Tax Service then the Cabal has your back.  The Attorneys representing the Tax Service are BAR certified.  You made a deal with the Cabal and that's okay - you gotta survive in their system until it's gone.  It is "to your benefit".

Fly as high as needed to see the Big Picture.

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