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  • Jim Costa

From Jeff - Flat Earth??? plus a Bonus Zelensky (Q)uestion.

Is Flat Earth a code marker for #17 approved Truther?

Anyone else notice this? More than just a few fringe truthers that should know better are at least a little or maybe fully on board with Flat Earth. Is this a WH version of secret society symbolism? Some have just a couple words, like Jaco and SGAnon in videos. Some can't shut up about it like Godlewski. Some dedicate their entire channels to Flat Earth but toss a few truther posts on the side. If you know you know???

Some Flat Earth examples can be very mind boggling. Some examples are just stupid. If you ever get directly confronted by a Flat Earther ask them why people in the southern hemisphere or the outer ring of Flat Earth cannot see the North Star and use it to find the universal North axis.

Down south the Southern Cross constellation is used to find South. How does that work if there is no universal Southern point on Flat Earth?

Crickets...or more likely, additional bullshit.

Pilots and passengers who have gone to 60,000 feet and above report seeing a curved horizon.


===== Bonus Question =====

"17 Zelensky body doubles exist."

Are the Zelensky doubles WH Grim Reapers that harvest Cabal Leaders?

"...a clench of his clammy palm can cost a country's leader their job, and a nation its national budget."

[collage of X'd Out Leaders shaking hands with Zelensky]

What a freakin movie...

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Membro desconhecido
12 de jul. de 2023

Jeff, there is what I deem a reasonable explanation for not being able to see Polaris from the southern hemisphere (it is not far up in the sky -- it is only up hundreds or thousands of miles, in the 'firmament', and from the southern hemisphere is low in the sky, way down towards the horizon, where it would be difficult to see from thousands of miles away).

'South' as you know in Flat Earth, is always 180 degrees from North.

There are lots of amateur balloon launches which show Flat Earth, such as this one (put a ruler to the horizon at 4:10):

or this one: (put a ruler to the horizon at 6:16)

I read three…

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