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From Jeff: Finally, Bloodlines Being Discussed...

A very different Juan O Savin video post in 2 parts. Not an interview but a very long, recorded, shoot from the hip discussion with Dylan Monroe while he was getting his book autographed at the Texas Reckoning event a week ago. Dylan adds his opinions during his preview and wrap up because it's mostly Juan talking as usual. There are a lot of corroborations with blogosphere theories which may or may not be welcomed... Pt 1: White Nobility, Merovingians, the Antichrist, and GESARA Pt. 2: Bloodlines, Time Machines, Discerning God vs Devil Juan says they/we might not have enough to make a move by the Sep 3 dead line to save the tainted 2020 election records from being destroyed. Remember, this was from last week. It was probably just another hopium topic by Juan to keep us going for a few more months. It was a DC Corporation election anyway so does it matter if Trump is already POTUS for the Republic while more corporate elections are held? We need Republic elections, not more corporation elections. So confusing. Juan says Gesara is a concept with the narrative being controlled by the cabal. Juan believes in gold and silver only, not the QFS. As advertised on many hopium RV sites the QFS includes non-convertible central bank digital currencies and we can't trust them with anything ever again. Many say the bloodlines no longer matter in global matters but Juan pretty much confirms the opposite. It's everything to the cabal - The Da Vinci Code. Juan even talks about reptilians. Dylan Monroe runs the . You can get free and paid charts for the QFS, NESARA/GESARA, Black Nobility, etc. He also has an unverified family tree for the theoretical Lincoln-Khalooni-Druze (Jesus) bloodline that is not on his mapping website (includes Michael Flynn): Lincoln Kahlooni Druze Bloodline Chart: I believe a narrative is being developed across a wide range of media for a Second Coming of Christ, the Son of Man. From what I've read Christ the Son of Man is a rather militant character with the Army of God at his back. It's been 2000 years so I guess it's time... Ryann McEnany (Kayleigh's surrogate sister or ???) The stage is set for the Second Coming of Jesus. Are you ready? Anyway, I think this movie drama is gonna last for several years before any kind of widespread stability is reached. Normal is not coming back, only a New Normal. Entheos is hinting at 2026: "Not everyone will make it to the finish line 250th will be joyful & tearful - celebration & remembrance" In 2017 Entheos predicted that Roe v Wade would be overturned in 2022, 5 years ahead, so I have to assume the Entheos team are deep insiders.

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