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From Jeff - Ezra.

Good to see others paying attention to the "Ezra Cohen-Watnick" 17-ish Q crowd.  Ezra is/was Trump's undersecdef for unconventional warfare (special forces and psyops) and rumored to be JJ's son.  Christopher Miller is/was his secdef boss.

The recent "Ezra" repost at RumormillNews has been circulating for years but this one was updated for the current election season, etc.  There was no source link and I cannot find the original.  In any case, many 17-ish channels recently started reposting old endgame stuff all at the same time - something is brewing.

Side Note:  Fulford's May 17 video suggested he was endorsing MacGregeor and JJ running for 2024 - he is a believer in JJ alive.

Britain's Rishi Sunak has announced that Parliament will be replaced on July 4.  Independence Day!!!  For who?  Remember, most Big News is upside down.  Their gumment is suggesting citizens prep for 3 days...

I believe The Start was Iran's helicopter incident.  First clue was the premonition pic of important looking people watching a low flying helicopter.

Military Green Light Activated...STARTING...   [May 14]

Iranian President is NOT DEAD.  He has multiple body doubles.

Did JFK Jr. die from his plane crash?

BODY DOUBLE CONFIRMED   [May 20, 2 cents well spent]


Pascal Najadi says Trump's No Fly Zone over Mar A Lago ends June 1. This could mean Trump is going to the bunker (Cheyenne Mt ?).  Maybe he's been there the whole time?

This "CASTLE ROCK" post originated from Whiplash347 years ago (long lead premonition?) and is now on multiple 17-sh channels plus MANY others. It is a concise high-level summary of endgame events we've seen before. CastleRock was explained in Q posts as both a chess move and a Hollywood movie studio.   [current day reposted "everywhere"]   [original from Mar 2021, note the VERY low post # of 1106 vs 238764 today]

I just now had a mini-awakening.  For years I've been trying to figure out what Whiplash was all about - disinfo or WH?  Don't know how I missed Post #23 from March 2021.  Answer was in front of me the whole time!  Mini conclusion, BRICS => QFS (more or less).  Tons of good stuff on Whip's channel but good luck sifting through it.

OK just had some issues. Had Ezra's Team set this Channel up.

All good now.

Hope we aren't being set up for another false alarm but the clock is ticking down fast if Election 2024 is going to be a big marker.  Bigger visible events gotta start sometime.

What an effin MOOOVIE!!!

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