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From Jeff - Evergrande and Other Stuff (AGI Comment)

Evergrande was granted another 2 months to figure things out. China’s Evergrande wins more time to restructure debts:

"The system isn’t going to internally destroy its own members..." On the other hand, a 17-ish channel posted a new 10-day "Final Countdown" on Dec 5 with label "THE GREAT AWAKENING. STARTS:" So something is scheduled for Dec 15 - wait and see. -------- Other Factors -------- UAE already stopped trading oil in Dollars. Iraq officially bans use of the Dollar starting on Jan 1. Some countries that announced joining BRICS also have an official start date of Jan 1. Western banks worldwide are closing branch offices as fast as they can - hundreds so far this year in the US. See "64 US Bank Branches File To Shut Down In A Single Week": Note: The above linked substack article was also posted at: so I will be adding to my bookmark list. My guess is that we will first see a Dollar/banking crisis followed by CBDC misery in 2024 that leads us to a final precipice that includes city/state failures, a scripted kinetic WW3, global martial law, and other unusual life experiences. "Normal" is a long way off and it will be a new and very different normal. --------- Galt's Gulch ? --------- All sorts of people are dying, disappearing, or resigning for various reasons. Here are just a couple. Janet Ossebaard ("Fall of the Cabal") is missing and possibly committed suicide according to Cyntha Koeter, her partner. ShadowofEzra made post #477 then quickly deleted but not before Castlerock2021 reposted to let the message live discretely. ShadowofEzra's last post showing is now #476. Is he on a secret mission or off to Galt's Gulch witness protection? ------------ Other Woo-Woo --------- Here are a few summaries of topics posted by the Remote Viewing groups headed by Allgire and Brown over the last several months: Allgire's group saw Gary Gensler, head of SEC and Bix's nemesis, as having been tasked with keeping the market from crashing. It was an "Oh Shit" moment for the viewer (Ed Riordan I think). Allgire's group saw Bob Lazar's story being true along with Area 51 operations. This has far reaching implications, very far. Allgire says he understands the human need for religion but it's really all crap. I agree, mostly. If humanity is going to evolve we need to get a grip on our REAL history and address the damage done by tweaking the original biblical scriptures and hiding the rest of ancient history. Courtney Brown says the ("common") Grays are created here and given human souls. He also says peeps are flying in and out of the Solar System. Does future humanity "evolve" into the Grays? More below. ----------- Future World AGI Comme​Proud Prepper:ntary ---------- The liberal truthers say there is plenty of space and resources on Earth for everybody plus many more. That may be true if we live like animals on a farm and only the farmers enjoy luxuries. The hardcore truthers understand that resources are limited and the population must be managed to balance. Bangladesh seems to be a global experiment in humanity. Their unmanaged population of 173 million has been allowed to grow beyond their supporting real estate. It's pretty much impossible to be alone in Bangladesh, like living in city 250 miles across, but it's a decent sized COUNTRY with no free space left. Their population density is 3020 per square mile. India's population is 1130 per square mile. Who actually DESIRES to live crowded together like that across entire countries? The US density is 91 per square mile and a lot more populated than when I was a child. It should be obvious that every family in today's Bangladesh cannot have a 2000 sq-ft home with pool on 1/2 acre lot with 2-car garage and multiple US-style vehicles, especially if they are electric with today's lithium battery technology. Resources and population must be managed as technology shrinks the effective size of our planet. Producers and innovators must be rewarded with luxuries or too few will contribute to society. If everyone is equal there will be no perceived luxuries when everyone is entitled to the same stuff. Or, various slave races and robots could be genetically bred or constructed to do the work without complaining. The masters of our universe have a difficult problem. Wherever the lines are drawn somebody will complain. Eliminating the nanny state is a good first move but we will likely need something like LIMITED Universal Basic Income to get us through the job losses and changes across a multi-generational transition period in a humane manner. Everyone of sound mind and body needs to take care of themselves and their offspring at a minimum. Life without some challenge, a reason to get out of bed, is not really life is it? Enjoy the show, it's a long one...

I am retired with pensio​Proud Prepper:n and hopefully enough savings in case that pension fails. I hope to be watching The Movie with no thoughts of losing a 40-hour per week job - been there done that while saving my pennies. It was definitely a challenge and mostly enjoyable till my skills were surpassed by technology and I had to transition into management towards the end (yuch, not cut out for that).

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