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From Jeff - Epstein Nothing Burger - Wheels Turn Slowly.

Think Critically About The Bigger Picture...

I agree, the recent Epstein release is mostly a nothing burger by itself.  Most of the info is already in the public domain.  Different this time are the files being official court documents.  They were released in a highly controlled and publicized manner with Mainstream News participation.  A simple search has big news articles top listed.

The pre-release drama forced Big News to cover the developing story - the WHs are now controlling the narrative.  There were no lurid details as the WHs are only beginning to tighten the screws on the perps to allow them time to react.  The perps can Run, Repent, Resign, or Remove themselves voluntarily.  As the perps chatter and plan between themselves their conversations are monitored for more connections.  Perp doubles in masks now have a reason to suicide themselves out of The Movie script.  A Big Mask would be fake King Charles who is being setup for abdication.  Was Prince Charles redacted from the recent Epstein list?  I have not checked the list but today as King he might have the power to delay.

BREAKING: King Charles III has faced calls to one day abdicate and pass the throne to Prince William less than a year after his coronation.

The lurid human trafficking details will likely be released slowly to let the public soak in the topic over time - nobody drinks efficiently from a firehose.  If details were released all at once then the story would become a flash in the pan where the public immediately changes focus to the first false flag or other distraction.  Most people have been intentionally conditioned to have very short attention spans.

BREAKING: Hundreds more documents naming pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's associates are due to be released in the coming days and weeks.

Revealing the complete crimes against humanity is a long uphill path to the Frazzledrip finale.  Haiti, DUMBS, Adrenochrome, Satanic Rituals, Vatican Ninth Circle, and so forth remain. 

Drip, drip, drip...FLOOD.

Enjoy The Show, it's a long ride to The Precipice.  Many sub-plots must be introduced to the public before The Big Reset - 2020, J6, COG, Act of 1871, VAX, Depop Agenda, Vatican, and on and on and on...


Oops!  Earlier I wrote the Gene Ho's TikTok channel only had a few posts.  I got stumped by a copycat account.  Here is his real account with lots of video posts that semi-corroborate various truther conspiracies.

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