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From Jeff - Emotional release between the 10th and 17th of July...

July 16 Phil Godlewski 2.0-

"Enjoy your day today, my friends.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring."

And then he posted a video of a train.

So, is the railway strike the emotional release or the distraction?

World leaders and public figures are dropping like dominoes.

How many are moving to Galt's Gulch? Ivana Trump?

Is it really all about SCOTUS???

July 17 Phil Godlewski 2.0-

"Forwarded from Cynthia Lea

Seems to me that the LEFT has been informed that SCOTUS OVERTURNED THE 2020 ELECTION.. So now they're conditioning everyone by saying That SCOTUS allowed the MAGA SIDE to install its authoritarian take-over!!! That's 😂 😃 hilarious"

Fox News/MSNBC Screenshot- SCOTUS Will Allow Takeover...

Phil Godlewski 2.0-

"You all need to brace yourselves for the possibility of enormous news today. It may happen, and so far this morning, it looks like it will.

It also may not happen, in which case, it will NOT affect the overall outcome. We have won. Clarity phase turns to Conclusion very soon."

If any of this is interesting then read all of Phil's posts for July 17. [ Scroll Up ]


Note that SCOTUS conducts a lot of business on a secret docket - existence of the FISA court is proof. Obama-Clinton tried to hide their dirty deeds under the cloak of "National Insecurity".

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