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From Jeff - Easy Dreams ???

Can you give us a dream hint, like financial or survival prepping or maybe both that will make it easy getting over the hump?

Snippy's dream about $38K Bitcoin came true or at least within a few pennies or so. I think he ate his whole ice cream cone instead of just licking it. Whiplash also predicted Bitcoin would make a run then crash and maybe not come back.

My Bitcoin dream is coming true 38k.

Response: No I can't, sorry. Most dreams are quite detailed and others not. Some I remember for years, others I forget after a few hours after they have been translated. It's like seeing a smoke pattern in just a glimpse; one moment you have it and then it is gone. Remember, one is in the dream state.

The two dreams I had today are gone but the translations were quite clear. In fact, I kinda think I may have mis-translated the first dream and originally thought it pertained to my extended family only. I recall I had details of the first dream but no details of the second. That is why the second could have been a correction for me as it had no details.

However, I am certain of the times, exactly on the hours. For me that verifies the dreams. If I don't get a particular time stamp then I have that dream recurring several times during the night. This makes them different from regular dreams.

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