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From Jeff - EAS/EBS plus EU's DSA - Digital Lockdown.

A Real Raw News story says the DS has built a new EBS after the WH takeover of the original EBS at Mt Weather. The EBS test planned for Oct 4 may be DS operation. =============== EU's Digital Services Act, DSA, went into effect last week. It censors anything Big Brother wants in the EU but the collateral damage is global. Will likely eventually affect everyone posting or reading global info. A Draconian New Law Went Into Effect On August 25th That Institutes Extreme Censorship Of The Internet On A Global Basis General Search on DSA: =============== DIGITAL LOCKDOWN? It's's here.

Beginning last week I have had huge problems with the internet - basic web surfing and email. Both of my VPNs no longer work. Email still flakey but stabilizing. Some websites no longer reachable. My Android tablet no longer supports Wix, Rumble, Bitchute, and some other IT giants. Global tech giants began complying with the EU DSA last week.

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