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From Jeff - Discernment - Ramaswamy vs DeSantis plus Big Wheel Comment.

I tagged Ramaswamy as a RINO plant the first time I heard anything out of him. A nobody crawled out of the swamp to say all the right stuff to attract conservatives but is running against Trump??? Do the math... [scroll thru all] ======= I did vote DeSantis for FL Gov even though he was soft on state Red Flag gun laws and even sent him a check. That was then, now I know better. Gotta change horses when learning the current one is lame. HSRetoucher17 posted that DeSantis was executed and replaced then QUICKLY deleted (screenshot attached). Q's advice to archive everything was prophetic. Note there is no Red X across his face. If gone his double(s) is convincing. Perhaps the human actor was retained but the script was rewritten with his puppet strings pulled tighter. [text about pics] [pics] [scroll thru all] There's more dirt but this should suffice. Be careful who you follow. ===================== I'll take the more obvious view on Big Shot Strzok's plea for FBI protection. It's a gentle wake up call for the dead asleep that the FBI is such a bad public enemy that it needs protection from the awakening public masses. DS public figures won't be able to walk the streets...including the FBI. ===================== Amerika has a severe case of woke Stockholm Syndrome. After being awake for decades I find it increasingly difficult to deal with the mass psychosis of the dead asleep holdouts. Pushing past the 60-70-80% threshold, whatever it is, to achieve a minimum level of awakened humanity to prevent civil unrest is gonna be difficult. Listen to Jan Hayes on this topic.

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