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From Jeff - Dimensions or Veils? [ABSOLUTE MUST SEE]

Interesting evolution rants.  Monkey on a typewriter?  Whatever floats your boat to the 4th Dimension.  The path to higher dimensions implies increasingly higher orders of math but I don't think additional math should be required at each transit to the next level of enlightenment. If some of humanity evolves to the 4th Dimension will they visually disappear from those left behind in 3D?  I can't digest that idea at my level.

Personally I prefer "The Nine Veils" analogy to higher orders of enlightenment as explained by Harkins and Ott.  Each veil lifted or pierced opens a person to the next level of understanding.  Only the 7th  Veil contains a math hurdle but it's a big one.  Rather than evolve via DNA humanity can activate more of the brains we already have.  How many times have we heard that most people only use 10% of their mental capacity?  Those wishing to pierce the next veil must first exercise their brains to gain additional mental strength for the next major breakthrough.

The linked article has been reposted on countless spiritual woo-woo sites after Wordpress shut down the original blogsite at around 2015.

Understanding the Nine Veils:

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