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From Jeff - Did You Mean Watch Jim Willie From Today Instead of Bix ???

The Bix Weir link goes to Jim Willie on Brighteon so I assume you meant to write "not the usual Jim Willie - it's a MACRO view of everything!"

Uhhh, this IS the usual and classic Jim Willie we were accustomed to for almost 2 decades - HE'S BACK!!! He kinda went wishy washy and low key after getting severely beat down by Deep State Satanic forces a couple years ago. Now that the DS is also getting beat down JW is back to his former personality with less risk to his life and finances. His classic personality is more like Derek Johnson and the polar opposite of Dave, Simon, or SGAnon.

JW has been a monthy regular on Howe Street since early 2021. The first I noticed JW getting back to his usual self was about 2 interviews back. I again look forward to his interviews after avoiding him for a while. Here are the Howe Street archives and a good place to look for future episodes:

Now for the important stuff. Long time followers of the Jackass will remember that he's been reporting on the backroom global planning for a "small", quick, and possibly nuclear WW3 to usher in the Global Currency Reset. This was around 2012, way before Q hit the scene and long before Trump, Klaus Schwab and The Great Reset became household terms in alt-media. We were born into this scripted movie during the Age of Pisces and it has some years to run before The Matrix is paused for much needed updates and remodeling for the Age of Aquarius.

The top level Illuminati planners are not going anywhere but the evil factions are in a panic while the good factions take over for the next few centuries or more. Duality - good and evil, light and dark, hardliners vs softliners. The Secret Societies will go back to being secret after exposing themselves for this public transition we are now experiencing. Perhaps the dark will be eliminated altogether this cycle. Sounds biblical, eh? The important pdf slideshow linked below explains A LOT. If you can't read the whole thing pages 55, 77, 84, 87, and 91 are worth a close review. On page 84 ask yourself who or what is "Spirit". The oldest date I could find for this doc was 2009. (92 pages)

Response from Jim: My mistake. The interview was with Jim Willie. I thought it was Bix.

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