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From Jeff - Dark Journalist & UFO Files.

I never miss Fitts and Farrell on Dark Journalist. My only big beef with them is that they all agreed on the same show with a 4th (can't remember who) that it was unfortunate that Q was calming the masses so they would not act out aggressively against Mr Globaloney. Maybe they were trying to deflect the censors or were caving to threats. Fitts was on the UFOlogy conference circuit about 10 years ago to explain that the only logical conclusion for the gumment's missing money was that it was being spent on a Breakaway Civilization, that is, the SSP. Secret space includes outer and inner - as above so below. At this point the missing funds are on the order of an entire US annual GDP - not too many places that can be hidden on the planet's surface so DUMBS and flying machines. She has said that our leaders were likely so terrified after the Voyager images were analyzed (The Ringmakers of Saturn) that it gave them an excuse in their minds to steal whatever it took to develop a defensive plan (Reagan's Star Wars funds and more redirected to SSP). She says a legitimate gumment could claim title to stolen funds and SSP assets as public property - important for later discussion. Farrell is perhaps our premier UFO researcher. I need to buy some of his books - one was described by Farrell as the book UFOlogist like to forget since he has already documented that the Roswell craft were NAZI. He was essentially saying that most UFOlogists are disinfo agents. Shane The Ruiner mentioned Farrell as the UFOlogist to follow versus the Blue Chicken Cult. In The Sands of Time (truth in fiction) book series the Roswell story is outed as disinfo but researchers were getting too close for comfort. I can't help but think that it was Farrell being referenced. K Cassidy doesn't think SSP disclosure can occur in an honest manner anytime soon. A kinetic WW3 or (fake) alien invasion would be required to distract and cover up decades of enormous gumment lies and thievery. How does one control the narrative when admitting the outright theft of $20 Trillion, or whatever the figure is, over such a long period? Hang the entire gumment from lamp posts? Fast forward to UFO files potentially being part of the Mar A Lago raid. Perhaps Team Trump has clawed back control and title over SSP assets and has contrived a narrative for SSP disclosure that includes giving the benefits back to the people. They would be the heroes and the masses would be deflected from hanging the gumment from lamp posts. Without such a plan I have to agree with Cassidy - no quick and honest disclosure anytime soon. Don't forget that Trump hired Steve Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary. Steve produced Jupiter Ascending which is probably another truth in fiction Hollywood production that is beyond the edge of reality for most Earthlings.

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