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From Jeff: Dark Ezra - Smiling Trump. [The two HSRetoucher posts are must see.]

Ezra is going dark for a while. Is he busy in Mission Control monitoring dark ops? "False Flag Warning Avoid mass crowds. Use extra care at supermarkets and other public spaces. Avoid your MAGA hat til August. [PLAN] to frame MAGA supporters. FBI + CIA ploy" "Avoid ALL MOVIE THEATERS" "Daycares at high risk. Especially in Democrat run districts. BLM infiltrators in positions to possibly allow false flag shooting attacks. FBI planned." Channel will go dark for now. And the HSRetoucherQ posts are just crazy the past week or two. This financial one seems particularly important: Meanwhile the HSRetoucher at Gab is making repeated posts of smiling Trump pic with caption, "My Turn..." ========================== Note - HSRetoucher stands for Head Shot Retoucher, apparently a reference to JFKjr's talent in disguise and photoshop. Also, the swapped out JFK body needed a lot of head shot repair work before it was handed over for autopsy forensics. The head wounds did not fit the narrative.


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