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From Jeff - CSQR-SM - Another "QFS" Sideshow by the Globalists?

My Conclusion - This is likely a sideshow so ignore if your life is busy surviving in the real world.

The psyop distractions just keep coming. Rumors about the CSQR-SM are relatively new so no telling if it's another distraction or a developing story on something real in the works. I'm leaning heavily toward bullshit - the Deep State has to win decisively to implement anything like this. A web search brings up a fair amount of info on this up and coming QFS-like topic:

CSQR-SM is being described as a combined financial and Social Management system for The Great Reset (AI). The USDR is the one world currency and there are 4 social levels: Common, Sovereign, Quarantined, and Restricted. This USDR is different from the crypto of the same name. CSQR-SM will likely get a new name as it develops. There is a so called whistleblower site that is focused on the CSQR-SM:

In particular there is one article that caught my attention and smells of bullshit:

The complete list of Sovereign gatekeepers

The list is pretty darned short to be called anything like complete. And how the eff did Godlewski and a very small handful of popular but nobody truthers make the Sovereign list? Sounds like HIGHLY targeted disinfo to discredit up and coming alt-news types. Many on the sovereign list have likely gone bye-bye already.

For the record, in my personal life I run like crazy away from people like Godlewski (and Clif for different reasons). I find him beyond creepy. I follow him because he links into topics which I find interesting and I believe he has some shady insider connections mostly from the past. He projects a notion that he was one of the Anonymous hackers without saying it directly.

The whole oculumlabs shebang smells a lot like the To The Stars and Blue Chicken Cult UFO-Alien disclosure disinfo groups but on a very tight budget.

Note: fans of Catherine Austin Fitts be sure to catch her interviews on Dark Journalist where she goes deeper into SSP type topics than she does on other outlets like USAWatchdog. In this recent post she suggests people call Fidelity Investments and ask if they are funding To The Stars!

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