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From Jeff - Cruising Altitude? What a VIEW!

JC,  Congrats for reaching cruising altitude.  You seem to be viewing the landscape more clearly now.  No need to go your own way when an improved hiking trail is being paved through the wilderness to guide you.

You won't likely have your own personal SPEC OPS at your back so tread gingerly.  Remember Karen Hudes?  Early on she said she had backup but later died under unusual circumstances.  Perhaps she is in witness protection.  She was kind of a loose cannon and brought out the ET topic a bit too soon.

Kari Lake's visit to Mar A Lago was a huge clue.  She was likely told to stay out of the way in AZ, specifically Maricopa County, and to Trust The Plan.  Now we know what that plan was and is.  Timing is everything.


The Real Abraham Accords playing out?

IRGC chief Hossein Salami:

"Israel is alive today thanks to U.S artificial respiration.

Today, the Zionist regime breathes thanks to the United States.

When this Western artificial respiration device is removed, it will begin a vegetative life and collapse — and it is close."

Due to the fact that the US has harshly criticized Netanyahu, the possibility of the "Samson Option" became more realistic.  It should be clear that many! Western countries have turned their back to Israel, due to the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza:

Does anyone really think real Pelosi is still around or is she a puppet double on short strings?  "Democrat Division Intensifies As Ex-Speaker Pelosi Joins Call For Biden To Stop Arming Israel"

BREAKING: IDF has withdrawn all ground troops from the southern Gaza Strip with the exception of one brigade.

BREAKING: Yemen's Houthis says 400,000 soldiers ready to fight for Iran if a regional war breaks out with Israel.

BREAKING NEWS – Iran has asked the US to "step aside" ahead of an attack on Israel through diplomatic exchange of different sources. As a result the US and Iran have come to an understanding, if Tehran not carrying out strikes on US facilities in the Middle East

BREAKING: United States will not interfere if Iran attacks Israel. United States and Iran have come to an understanding. Iran assured the US it would not target US facilities, and in turn, the US said it would not get involved if Iran retaliated against Israel.

The Middle East locals will take care of THEIR problem on the surface. The WHs addressed the bigger problem below in the tunnels.  Kerry says the Anunnaki were hiding out down there - whatever.  Remember COBRA's "Compression Breakthrough" from 10+ years ago?  When top forces meet those from the bottom the problem is crushed.  Current day version at the link:


Retrospect is 20/20.  As events continue falling I hope everyone sees how the Great Awakening Psyop was planned and implemented.  The effin genius required huge, high altitude thinking. Too big for human thought so add a lot of AI computing support and maybe some ET type assistance too.  In the Old Testament "people" lived for hundreds of years.  Some of those El-ites maybe longer.  Some may still be around.  Under Gaza? Under Antarctica?  Somebody ask Buzz Aldrin...


Synchronicity saves my day.  Had a lot more to say and write about retrospect but why waste that time?  Snippy was thinking the same (and more) and just posted - thanks!  He is also doing a livestream tonight with Woo Woo Dude and Jean Claude.

Trump confirm he is about to "go away" here shortly? Also Bill Barr did what he was supposed to do:


Did fun things yesterday as Jaco's guest suggested.  Today I'm skipping phun, gassing up the cars, and restocking popcorn AND BUTTER.  Butter good for you and your arteries - seed oils, sugar, and excess carbs not so much.  Not betting on anything but my next message will be:  My Fellow Am...

Remember, be calm...wait for dust to settle after surprising events.


Jim's Response: Thanks for the advice Jeff. It would be best to serve notices to 100 persons on one day. Wouldn't that give the detectives and local newspaper something to think about if I am suicided?

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