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From Jeff - Countdown Stuff.

This QTHESTORMM Twitter/X channel has a blue checkmark meaning it has paid for "verified" status, whatever that might mean.  There are a lot of Countdown screenshots with different messages but all have the same graphics format used for the live countdown at   [scroll down for lots of clocks]

The Merry Christmas references makes me think this 2nd American Revolution movie sequel put the "Delaware Crossing" (in Durham boats) on Dec 15 to provide 10 days for many smaller events than the original Christmas surprise in the 1st American Revolution.  Waiting till Christmas Eve would not allow enough time for nationwide events over the holiday recess.  Remember that Q posted events largely in reverse chronological order and the Delaware Crossing pic was posted very early - are we now nearing the end?   (Delaware Crossing)

BREAKING: Rudy Giuliani ordered to pay $148 million for defamation of Georgia election workers.

BREAKING: Georgia Gov. Kemp's legal staff has notified Ga Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger that 17,852 invalid 2020 votes were counted in Fulton County, GA, alone.  A public meeting will be held next week at the Georgia State Capitol building.

RRN reports Raffensperger no longer walking the streets.  Note the timing with Giuliani's order to pay "Trumped-Up" defamation damages in GA.  "First arrest" reveals the plan?

raffensperger-for-treason/   [Dec 16 event]


Semi Off Topic but interesting for bible history buffs and it's my main reason for this whole rant:



It leads to this QTHESTORMM repost on Telegram that may or may not be legit but I'm going with it since it matches my current view of human origins, a more believable version of Adam and Eve:



[Explanation included in the link - blurry but readable]

About 7 years ago I purchased some Anunnaki books by Gerald Clark.  He said that some of the ancient gods of Sumer might still be lurking around (like under the Middle East, Gaza maybe?).  In the days of Noah the gods and demigods lived much longer than humans do today so it's conceivable that some of the gods that once walked the earth may still be around.  Karen Hudes even made some remarks about Marduk attending Mandela's funeral.  Anyway, as the Scamdemic was getting started, Clark got cancer and died quickly - was he a targeted individual for revealing too much?

And finally, fans of the KJV might wanna review this, or not.  I downloaded the 107 page pdf but have not opened it yet:

Free download:  DEMONOLOGY, BY KING JAMES I, Forgotten Books:

Enjoy the show, it's finally speeding up...almost too fast to keep up!

   (Be careful what you wish for...)

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